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Fresh fish is stowed in special plastic or fiberglass tanks suitable for containing food products, gradually adding sea salt. The fish, in a department separate from the one where the aging takes place, is beheaded and gutted after which it is immersed in a container containing a saturated saline solution where the fish is washed and bled





The fish treated in this way is subsequently stowed in tinned containers alternating a layer of fish with a layer of salt and completing the filling with an overfill of adequate size.
The containers thus stowed are placed one on top of the other with suitable thicknesses such as to allow the return of the overfill inside the containers, which takes about 12 hours.

Threading and packaging


Afterwards the containers are stacked in concentric tower-shaped circular layers stationed for a period of about 8 weeks, during which they are periodically sprayed with saturated saline solution. After 8 weeks the containers are hermetically sealed by stapling, after replacing the upper salt. The hermetically sealed containers are sent to be washed, packed in cartons and then deposited in rooms with a temperature suitable for maintaining the organoleptic qualities of the product

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